The reality is that one day, all we’ll have left of our special companion is memories.

I can help you with high-quality, priceless images of your best friend at every stage of life.

Corgi puppy plays with a pinecone

Puppy’s First Portrait Session—$150

Puppy’s First Portrait sessions are available to puppies 6 months and younger at the time of their session. This session is all about giving your pup a positive experience during his or her most important developmental stage of life.

Sessions are one hour long to keep things short, interesting and fun for your pup. Don’t let this precious time slip away.

Labrador Retriever with a toy at a Norfolk VA beach

Signature Session —$250

The Signature Session or Studio Session includes up to 2 hours for a private photo session at your chosen outdoor location or small studio setup at your home.

Multiple dogs welcome!

A woman hugs her senior dog

Tribute Session—$150

The Tribute Session is a private photo session for an elderly pet or those with significant medical concerns whose time remaining is limited. We’ll go at their pace to create some treasured memories of your time together.

Please contact me directly to discuss your situation. Tribute sessions are prioritized and can often be done as quickly as necessary.

Want to chat before booking?

Contact me directly via phone or email and tell me about your furry friend and your expectation for your session. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. It’s also an opportunity to make sure I’m the right photographer for you. There’s no pressure.

We can discuss your portrait style goals, session details, artwork options and typical pet portrait investment.

Alternatively, you can schedule a call on a day and time that’s convenient for you.


My dog can't be off-leash. Can I still get good images?

Here’s a secret. Nearly every dog I photograph is wearing a leash because safety is my top priority. Through the magic of my digital darkroom, leashes and other distractions are removed to make your images look perfect!

A Maltese dog running on the beach

My dog doesn't know his or her commands very well. Is that a problem?

Most dogs aren’t obedience champions. Mine aren’t either! While we’ll strive to get some beautiful posed portraits, the focus of your session will be allowing your pup’s personality to shine in whatever way they decide. After all, capturing their true spirit is the reason you should choose Windhound Photography. I understand dogs, their behavior, and will bring out the best in each and every pet. That’s my promise!

A rottweiler plays with a tug toy

I only want digital files. Do those come with your session fee?

You’re about to invest time, love and energy into your session and images, and it’s important to have something truly memorable as the end goal. That often comes in the form of a wall gallery, album, keepsake box, or a combination of art pieces. Every item is of highest quality and custom designed especially for you.

And while everyone loves to share images on their social media pages, it’s important to have something tangible—and beautiful!— to see, feel and love for decades to come.  Sadly, digital files are often shared once to your socials, then live out their lives on a USB drive tucked in a desk drawer or forgotten somewhere in the Cloud. Many of my clients add a digital file package to their artwork purchase as a backup rather than the primary item.

My full Product Guide is available on request to help you decide on your artwork budget and how you can present your beloved images. Artwork pricing begins at $500.

A Windhound Photography wall gallery of framed images

I have more than one dog. Can you photograph multiple dogs during a session?

Lucky you! More fur equals more fun!  I’ve routinely photographed multiple dogs during my sessions. The only downside is that the more dogs per session can often mean a few less images of each individual dog. If you’re okay with that, so am I.

I can easily photograph up to three dogs during a session, but they all must be from the same household. If you plan to have more than one dog for your session, plan to bring an extra sets of (adult) hands to assist. Please contact me for a quote if you have more than three dogs to be photographed.

Three dogs pose together on a beach in Norfolk, Virginia

Can I be in some of the images?

There’s nothing better than showcasing the bond between people and pets.

Some of my clients are hesitant to be photographed, but the images portraying that special relationship are often the ones that end up hanging in their home in a place of prominence.

While the focus is on your pet, I strongly encourage you to be in some images. You’ll be glad you did. I can also suggest a wardrobe choice to make your images even better.

A woman posing with her Shiba Inu dog among the flowers in Norfolk VA

What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

During the hottest days of summer, I schedule only morning sessions to ensure your dog (and you!) will be safe and comfortable.

In the event of rain, high wind, storms, or other unpredictable weather, we will reschedule your session.

Australian Shepherd at East Beach, Norfolk Virginia

What locations are available for my session?

Inside your home or in your backyard, while super convenient, isn’t always ideal because those areas can have a number of unavoidable background distractions or lighting challenges that may negatively affect your images. If your pet isn’t comfortable away from home, or has mobility limitations, we can easily set up a small studio inside your home.

I can make some location recommendations if you aren’t sure where you’d like to have your pet portrait session. I’ll send you a Location Guide of some of my clients’ favorite sites around Hampton Roads as soon as your session is booked.

A dog posing at sunset Virginia Beach VA

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

I sure do!  While 95% of my pet photography business involves dog portraits, I’ve photographed everything from horses to goats to cats to lizards and more.

Every pet, no matter how large or small, whether wearing fur or feathers, can make a great photography model.

A Belgian horse tosses her mane in the wind.

What if I don't like my photos?

Fortunately, I’ve never had a client who didn’t love their images. Sure, you’ll probably fall in love with some more than others, and that’s why I’ll capture different styles and backdrops during your session.

Be sure to take a look at my portfolio so you’re familiar with my style of work. I love bright, vibrant colors, while capturing your pet’s special charm. That’s my specialty.

During our planning session, I’ll ask what types of images you prefer—candids, action, posed portraits, etc.—and focus on those types of images for your gallery.

If you still aren’t sure I can provide you with images you’ll love, I’m happy to send you a link to a full session gallery so you can see the the variety and number of images resulting from a typical session.

And worst case, if you truly don’t like your images, I’m happy to work with you to rectify the issue.  All I ask is that you’re honest with me about your dog(s) and what you hope to achieve with a session dedicated to them.

A doodle dog in downtown Norfolk Virginia

pet portraits virginia beach
An image box that holds 5 x 7 prints and USB file of your images
A wall gallery of dog artwork
A keepsake box with heirloom images

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