The Tilly Project—End of Life Pet Photography

I was chatting with a theater director a couple months back—I often do dress-rehearsal images for local groups to help them promote their plays—and we ended up talking about pet photography. (No surprise there.)

Relaying that nearly all of my recent sessions had been end-of-life tributes for elderly or desperately ill pets, he asked if I knew about The Tilly Project? I recalled hearing the name, but let’s face it, the Internet is overwhelming at times with so much competing information.

It turns out, The Tilly Project was created by a friend of the theater director.  It focuses on a network of photographers who are willing (and emotionally able) to provide end-of-life portrait sessions for pets and the people who know they will be letting go soon.  It’s not a genre for everyone, but it’s so genuinely needed and appreciated.

I quickly submitted my information in hopes I could become a part of this wonderful resource.  No matter where you might be reading this from, chances are, there’s a pet photographer near to you who can help in your time of need. Bookmark their site, because sooner or later, you might find that capturing your furry friend will be their enduring legacy.

Even if you aren’t necessarily seeking a portrait session, The Tilly Project’s website also offers numerous resources for grief counseling.

Finally, The Tilly Project is a non-profit. It takes tremendous resources to provide content, host a website, and lot of other expenses. Help them out if you can.

The Tilly Project—end of life pet photography resources.


A few images from my recent end-of-life sessions.