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Teach that bored dog a new trick!

Rainy days giving your dog the blues?  Or, maybe that bored dog who can’t get outside to burn off some steam is giving you the blues? Here’s a quick tip to get their mind and body in motion.  Tuck the pupster away in a closed room, then grab a handful…heck, grab two handfuls of yummy, small treats. While Fido is wondering what in the world you’re up to, go hide those treats around the house. Make it easy to find the treats at first. You can go for Expert Level Investigator as your pup’s prowess progresses.  Save a few treats to make a ‘breadcrumb’ trail from leading away from the room where you’ve stashed your doggo. 

Open the door and offer a treat or two from your hand. Show the budding super sleuth the trail of ‘breadcrumb’ treats on the floor with the command, “Find them!”  The response will be a back-end view of a wagging tail as he or she goes into full bloodhound mode, tracking those treats like a champ. As your pup masters the new “Find Them” command and game, up the level of difficulty over time. Not only will it keep your bored dog busy, it’s also a good way to help with separation anxiety.  Each day when you leave the house, play the “Find Them” game. Your dog will start to look forward to the game and will be eager for your departure.

Pro tip! —The “Find Them” game is not only great mental stimulation for your dog, but you can also modify it for your cat, bird, bunny, iguana…any pet who could use a little variety in their life.  Have fun!

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  1. Hi Barb,
    Another boredom buster game my Wild Willie loves is with a toy placed under an overturned laundry basket. His favorite is the light weigh round bushel type basket and a tennis ball.
    If a dog is hesitant to tip the basket, encourage him by showing the toy beforehand or slightly lifting basket to gain easier access. Once he is hooked on the puzzle mix it up with more balls or flipping it over and see if he will now take it out of basket, or “drop it” back it. Keeps my fella entertained.
    Love your website!

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