Small terrier dog with big dreams in Norfolk VA
Photo Session

We are ready to roll…and sniff, scratch and PLAY!

It’s been quite a journey, but it’s been worth every minute of it!  Our new website is live; our camera is charged up, and we’re ready to meet the dogs (and all the other critters) of Hampton Roads!  While we’ve been busy getting the Windhound Photography biz ready to make the leap into a full-time gig, we’ve also been cavorting and frolicking with some local pups, because life just isn’t the same without dogs.  We most recently hung out with “Small Friend,” a feisty terrier who truly believes he rules the world.  

“Small Friend’s” humans were a bit concerned about how he’d react to being with strangers with a big camera

pointed at him, but no worries there! After a few tasty treats, I had him in the palm of my hand. We ran and played all over the gorgeous cobblestone streets of the Freemason District. We jogged along the bridge at the Hague, and said hello to the curious ducks.

We growled at strangers, caused a commotion with other canines who wandered past, and barked at cars who dared slow us down. For a mere 7-pounder, he’s quite a perfect bodyguard! “Small Friend” allowed me to see the world from his point of view…and it can be a really big, scary view for a one-eyed tyke of his stature. We took our time, and made sure that he was up for all the challenges that a photos session can bring. I caught him “smiling” more than once, and that’s just about the best gift he could have given me. Thanks for the great time, and our budding new friendship, my dearest “Smalls.”

Small Friend, a feisty terrier


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