An elegant Irish Wolfhound smiles for the camera in Norfolk, VA
Photo Session

2019 In Review

It’s still early February so I suppose I’m not too late…I finally took a journey through my doggy images from 2019 and my first year as a full-time professional pet photographer.

While I’ve been photographing pets for quite a few years, 2019 brought some welcome changes and a whole doghouse full of awesome pups and the people who love them.

I transitioned not only to a career as a full-time pet photographer in 2019, but also began enhancing my skills as an outdoor, location pet photographer.  It’s been quite a wild and wacky journey and I’ve learned much about owning a photography business! Until last year, most of my photos were created indoors and were primarily posed portraits and “corporate headshots” of animals in search of a new, loving home.

Moving into the great outdoors opened up a new world of awesome possibilities. From posed to spontaneous candids to action shots, there’s been no shortage of images that can be captured during a photo session. Every dog trots out his or her own personality and it’s been so much fun crafting photos that elicit oooh’s and ahhh’s from their doting humans.

There’s also heartfelt sadness for the Tribute Session dogs whose time to depart came far too quickly for those who cherished them. I’m honored to have been able to provide their families with memories of better days.

You’ll forever live in our hearts and memories Rocky, Snoopy, Webber, Winston and Daisy.  You were truly loved and you’ll never be forgotten.  Each and every one of you made me smile. Thanks for that.

Click on the link to see some of my favorite images from 2019. Such a diverse and wonderful group of dogs!


See all the furry faces

Windhound Dogs | 2019

A golden-eyed doodle dog

A Brittany Spaniel flashes a smile at the beach

In the woods with Joey, a small senior dog




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