Despite having cancer, Nino still knows how to soar
Photo Session

Celebrating life with Nino

Being active on social media, one couldn’t help but see ongoing and frequent posts about a very special dog. “Nino” has become a bit of a local celebrity around these parts.

After being confiscated for cruelty and neglect, it was discovered that while help came for “Nino,” it also came with a sad reality. A large mass on the side of his head turned out to be terminal cancer.

While his remaining days are fleeting, this 6 year-old giant of a dog, in both stature and heart, is a reminder that life is precious and every day is meant to be celebrated.

I recently had the privilege of hanging out with “Nino” at a local park. We ran and played, and took advantage of a cool and sunny summer morning. “Nino” gently nibbled on hot dogs, sausage biscuits and noshed on peanut butter. In return, we received copious amounts of slobbery kisses and the gift of laughter from this big old boy.

“Nino” doesn’t know that he is gravely ill. All that mattered was being with his special friend, Suzy, and having another ‘best day ever.’

I hope you’ll take a minute to watch the video of our photo session. I also hope you’ll consider making a contribution to one of the amazing organizations who assist animals like “Nino” every day.

Getting a kiss from a dog
Getting a kiss from a very special pup.

Here’s the list of local agencies who provided “Nino” the opportunity to finally find true love.

Chesapeake Animal Services
Virginia Beach SPCA
Compassion For Canines

If you are unable to contribute monetarily, consider volunteering, providing foster care, or donating household and/or pet items. Everything is helpful to the many animals in need.

Thank you, Nino, for a memorable and bittersweet day of smiles. I wish you safe travels when it’s your time to say goodbye. You are finally loved. You will always be loved.

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