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Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Pet Photographer

A dog gazes at her human1. Your pet is a superstar

Every pet is unique, but I know you truly have the best dog in town. She has the most beautiful eyes and soulful expression. When she gazes up at you—the center of her universe—that’s what you love most about her.  The way she tilts her head when you ask if she wants to ‘go for a ride’ is the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

She’s your “once in a lifetime” dog; the dog who represents everything good about life. You want the best of everything for her.


High flying disc catch2.  That dog’s got game!

It’s taken many hours and many, many treats and words of encouragement, but your dog is a bona fide Rockstar! From high-fives, to sit-stays, to high-flying aerial acrobatics, your pup is an Olympic level athlete. He’s also a qualifying member of Mensa, truth be told.  You know he’s got the goods, but your neighbor with a camera just can’t capture the action the way a professional can.

Action shots are some of the best ways to tell the story of your dog…and how hard you’ve both worked to reach this point as a team.  It’s time to show off everything your Wonder-Dog has learned over the years. Tennis balls, Frisbees, and wave-crashing aquatics are all part of the professional’s photographic resume.


A dog relaxes on a pier in Portsmouth, VA3.  That dog will never have game!

Let’s face it, not all dogs are cut out for academics. That’s perfectly okay, but it can make it even more difficult for you to snap quality images of your furry free spirit.

He doesn’t sit still. We’re still working on his training. He’s “afraid” of the camera. He doesn’t do well with strangers. He can’t be off-leash. …He just saw a squirrel!!

 There are many reasons people are reluctant to hire a pet photographer, but trust me, I know dogs and their behaviors.  There are workarounds for every situation. With years of animal handling and behavior knowledge, I’ve met all types of canine characters.

The majority of dogs I photograph remain on-leash during the entire session. Through the magic of editing, leashes are removed from your final images.

Telephoto lenses allow me to remain a comfortable distance from dogs who are shy, or fearful of cameras and/or strangers. A blazing fast camera and assortment of lenses are perfect for capturing dogs who sit still for mere seconds, are easily distracted, or are uncertain in novel environments.


A dog is a girl's best friend4. Your relationship matters and your pet is part of the family

Pet photography isn’t just about dogs, it’s also about the people who love them. No need to be shy! I LOVE when families join in for some magical moments. Because they convey the special bond you share with your dog, those are the images people often value most.  Imagine the story of your friendship depicted in a place of prominence in your home.


A puppy tilts her head at the camera5.  There’s a new furry family member

Just like children, puppies grow up so quickly.  Watching your new pup trip over his own feet; exploring everything new and shiny in this great big world; dropping off to sleep at a moment’s notice are all part of the fun of having a new fuzzy family member.

While you probably have hundreds of cell phone images from this time in his life, those photos really don’t do justice to the soft, squishy nature of puppyhood.  Hire a professional photographer to capture this most innocent and adorable time of your pup’s life, because before you know it, that roly-poly baby puppy is going to be an adult.

A sweet senior Chihuahua6.  Pets never stay with us long enough

This is the tough reality. No matter how much money we have, how strong our desire, or how much love we still want to give, time is the ultimate determiner of our relationship with our pets. A professional portrait session will keep those precious memories alive. Every whisker, every expression, and every unique detail of her glorious fur can be cherished and remembered for years to come.


A white husky drips water from his face at the beach7.  Pet Photographers can get the pose…and the personality!

Specialized cameras can grab those action shots that are gone in a blink of an eye. A seasoned pet photographer is also well-versed in animal behavior and can anticipate those elusive shots, while also bringing out your pup’s unique personality in each and every image.


A dog poses with studio lighting8.  Professional Photographers Bring the Goods

Sure, cell phones have come a long way, but they really can’t compete with the image quality of professional cameras, lenses, and lighting.  A pet portrait artist invests heavily into education and having the right pro-level equipment to adapt to the location, the subject, and changing conditions for picture perfect images. A skilled pet photographer will also have extensive editing expertise to remove leashes, eye boogies and other distractions.

Today’s professional equipment is also crammed full of megapixels, allowing your images to be reproduced flawlessly into life-size printed artwork. There isn’t a cell phone in the world that can match the superior technology of professional photographic equipment.


a room decorated with wall art9.  You value custom art

You could go to the local big box retailer or online home décor site, but why pay for wall art that is sold by the thousands when you can have high-quality, personalized artwork of your best friend? Let’s face it, all animals are a work of art and custom images of your best friend on your walls or coffee table are great conversation starters for your next social gathering.

Isn’t quality artwork the very reason you’ve been thinking about hiring a pet photography pro?


A black lab with a pearly smile10.  It’s FUN!

Even though it’s truly a luxury experience, the ultimate goal is for you and your pampered pooch to have a great time!  With tasty treats, a tennis ball or two and lots of belly rubs, this adventure is all about giving back some of the joy she gives to you.

It’s a special day where she can bask in the limelight, be the center of attention, the star of the show.  She’s cheered you on and she’s cheered you up, so now it’s time to give her the ultimate expression of gratitude and a fun-filled day to call her own.

No rules. No worries. No stress.


What’s holding you back?  Leave a comment and let’s chat!
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