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Pet safe and it works! Natural weedkiller is my new yard companion

For pet owners, scrolling through social media can scare the daylights out of you. From pet food recalls, to foods that can contribute to heart disease in dogs, to the horrors of the pesticides we put on our lawns, social media often forces us to seek out alternative solutions.  While I like to keep my home and yard looking nice, I admit that weeds have a way of getting the better of me, especially during the hottest days of the year.  All of that changed this week!

I’ve had ongoing internal turmoil about putting commercial weed killer on my sidewalks and pathways around the house. I worry about allowing the dogs to walk on it for several days after application, and I don’t like to pull the dead weeds without wearing gloves because of the chemical’s toxic remains.

I remembered reading about a natural weed killer some time ago on Pinterest, so off I went in search of the magic potion.  The mixture is simple, inexpensive and I honestly believe it worked better than the nasty poison sold at local home improvement centers.

Here’s the recipe so you don’t have to search for it:

1 gallon white vinegar

2 cups Epsom salts.  (I bought a 4 lb. bag, tossed in half…I’m not one to follow directions exactly)

¼ cup of Dawn dish detergent (Pinterest users swear Dawn works best)

Happy poodle running through grass

Mix all into a gallon sized sprayer, and be sure to let it sit for a little while so the salts will dissolve.

Spray liberally on those weeds, but watch your valuable plants, this one doesn’t discriminate.

I always spray early in the morning on hot, sunny days to ensure the best results. You’ll see the dead crabgrass in the blog photo. This concoction worked like a charm and my yard smelled like a hot batch of carnival French fries for a few hours. Dogs walking on it immediately aftewards?  No worries at all. I’m a convert and I hope you will be too.

Thanks for reading. Wishing happy and (pet)safe gardening to you!



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  1. Pauline Tilbe says:

    I just bought a gallon of vinegar to give this a try but put it off wondering if it would be worth the effort.

    1. Barb Hays says:

      The ingredients sat in my garage for a couple of weeks because I thought the same thing…it’s just easier to grab the RoundUp. Finally on Friday, I was up early and thought I’d give it a try. Easy, peasy to mix and my sprayer actually had a better spray *jet* than the nozzle on RoundUp, so it ended up taking me a LOT LESS time! The weeds are dead and I’m a happy camper. I think you’ll love it for your little doggie friends. I feel so much better about it, not only for me and my pets, but the butterflies and birds that visit my feeders too!

  2. Cindi says:

    Going to try this. I refuse to use RoundUp because it is so toxic to the environment.

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